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Belgian Shepherd's herding cup 2016
Martinkovice - Cz

This year I went to the annual herding cup for belgian shepherd's in Czeckia 

I had entered Frost in HWT (herding working test) and if he passed that one he would get a try in the IHT1 class.

Akira was entered in ZVOP ( the czeck herding instinct test) with her brother Apollon. 

Frost did really great and got 90/100p in HWT, making him the best belgian in that class and he got excellent and passed. Next day we got to try IHT1 and he really did great and got 62/75p ( 83%) excellent and passed that class as well. 

So now we have to train for IHT2 next year and take the trip again. 


Frost herding practice 2016

The sheep gathering fall`14

Fall 14 we participated in the sheep gathering in the mountains in Vågå, Norway. 

It was ten days roaming the mountain sides looking for the sheep and getting them home. It was quite the experience both for me and Frost. 

We got (in teamwork with my best friend and her schappendoes Caspian) down over 40 sheep for the winter. Thats much for us since it was our first garthering and its about 2500 sheep who needs to be found and brought safe back to the farms. 


All in all it was hard work and we learned a lot. So now we are in training for this years gathering :)


I want to give all of the sheepfarmers a big thanks for beliving in us and our dogs 

Herding in Vågå summer 2014

This summer we spent a lot of time in Vågå getting ready for the sheep gathering in the fall. I hoped that we would get the ok to participate.

Over the summer we trained a lot on fetch, left/right and drive. 

Frost did really good and at the end we took a flock of sheep and walked around the borders og the big pen. 

There you have to get the sheep threw forest, bushes, streams and at the end an open field where the sheep are likely to run of to their feeding ground. 

But after several tries we did it!!

Now we were ready!!!

26-27 April

Back in the sheep pen ;)


Frost is working really great. 

We have started with about 40 m fetch and Frost is doing great. Me...well, I`m not always as quick as


We trained in and out of the pen and some drive.


Frost loves herding and I hope we get to go to Vågå this summer to maintain the herding.

8-9 March 

What a weekend we had herding.

Frost has really found the herding dog inside and showed that he CAN do it!!

We did driving over long distances and some left/right training. 

Sunday we started with a long fetch and Frost kept on impressing me the whole day.

When you se results like this I really don`t mind the hard work.

26-27 February

Started very good on saturday and I saw Frost had the time of his life. He got to go behind the sheep and drive them to me and learn to lay down at a distance. 

Sunday Frost had a meeting with the buck and he lost all pressure. After that he was a bit careful, but we finished strong ;)

8-9 February

First herding cours after 5 months break. 

Frost was a bit skeptical after so long without seeing the sheep, but he got into it pretty quick.


We practised laying down, sitting and left/right

Very satisfied with my boy this weekend ;)


Went up to Vågå again to participate in the sheep gathering and let Frost get some more sheep time. This time there was a big flock on a big field.

At the end he started to move the flock by himself with Ørjan at the end of his leash. 

So proud of my boy <3


Frost started his herding career when he was 10 weeks old. We start them up slow, only 2-5 min with the sheep at the time-


Day 1:

Frost got to meet the sheeps together with me and trainer Ørjan. We started with 4 sheep in a small pen. He was skeptical at first to those white fluffy animals that walked around eating and making strange sounds. 

He followed me and Ørjan around for a bit and found his inner herder and at the end he thought he was a really big and tough boy ;)


Day 2:

Up bright and early to see those white fluffy things we call sheep again ;) 

Frost was tougher today, but could not quite understand what he was suppose to do with these sheep.

At the end thou he got more and more sure of himself and his tale got higher and higher.


Day 3:

Today Frost went into the pin tail high and after just a few minutes he found his voice and figured out that with a little bark and a little nosepushing he could get the sheep to move.

He was so proud and so was mum.

At the end he even went out fetching a sheep who left the flock and got it back to us.

He grew 1 m with pride. It was so amazing to see.

The day was cut short when he got a little cut in his paw. Nothing big, just stepped on a root. 

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