My breeding goals

So, what do I value in my breeding of the belgian shepherd? What is my vision??

I think this is a difficult question to ask myself as I belive most breeders want to contribute to bettering the breed. 

First of  I want to breed healthy dogs with good mentality, a sound head and a good exterior  
that can function just as good in a family setting as in dog sport and the show ring.  

I also want to breed with focus on keeping the herding instinct. 

For me the belgian is a herding dog and therefor I strongly belive that we should
preserve the herding instinct in the breed.

I belive that with herding instinct comes bravery, strong mentality and a sound head. 

The working ability will be kept as well and this is very important to me.


As for health all my breeding dogs will be x-rayed for HD (hips)  and AD (elbows)

This is important for me so I can see how the litters do and if there are any health- or other problems.


I will also test all my breeding dogs for their coat color DNA
and I will test all puppies before they are sold.
I find this important as there is more and more cross breeding between variaties. 


All puppies under my breeding will have to take a puppy test before leaving my home. 
This is important to me so I can see how the litters are as puppies, 

but also so I can find right owner to tight puppy.

Now this is some of my thoughts on breeding and I'm sure they will change some after the first litters

as they do for many new breeders, but for now this is it.


When you buy a puppy from CasaBolstad you will get the following:

*All puppies will be given deworming at 2,4,6 & 8 weeks.

*Vet check will be done at 7 1/2-8 weeks and include vaccine, micro chip & coat color DNA test.

* All puppies will be delivered with NKK pedigree (FCI), sales contract, some toys, food and a collar.

* All dogs SHALL be x-rayed for HD & AD between the age of 18-24 months.

( owners get a set amount of money back when done)

* Lifelong support and help from me as a breeder.

* All litter have their own chat on facebook.  

Puppy price pr 01.01.2021 is set to 18 000 NOK 


* Other terms will be given, contact me if you are interested in being a co-owner.

My puppies eat Provit Chicken raw food & Happy Dog dry food