CasaBolstad's Black Conan BOB Puppy


CasaBolstad's Black Conan became Best Of Breed Puppy at a show in Norway this weekend !!

Big congrats to owner Siv Jorunn Hjellbrekke

CasaBolstad's Beowulf are looking for his forever home


CasaBolstad's Beowulf (Storm) has come back to my kennel and is searching for his forever home. 
He is a wonderful boy who would be good for someone who wants to do obedience or other sports. 
He is not for breeding as he only has one testicle 
Contact me for more information if you are interested.

Kennel CasaBolstad has it's first show champion!!


CasaBolstad's Arya became a new Norwegian Show Champion at NKK Lillehammer 

Tervueren puppy plans for 2021/2022!!


Exciting plans for 2021/2022!!!

Groenendael puppy plans for 2021!!


Exciting plans for 2021!!!

Tervueren puppy plans for 2021!!


Exciting plans for 2021!!!

CasaBolstad's C-Litter are born!!


On the 27th of february 3 males & 2 females was born at Kennel CasaBolstad

Mother Qila and puppies are doing super

All puppies have found a home

CasaBolstad's B-Litter are born!!


On the 8th of february 3 males & 3 females was born at Kennel CasaBolstad

Mother Akira and puppies are doing super

All puppies has gotten their forever homes

L'Evangelist De La Terre Sauvage "Rossi" has his own page


Rossis page can be found here

Thunderwolf's Tequila Sunrine "Qila" has been mated!!!


Qila has been mated to the wonderful male Rossi 

More information in puppy plans !!

Thunderwolf's Tequila Sunrine "Qila" is in heat!!!


Qila has come into heat and we hope for mating in late desember 2019

Matings have been done!


Akira went to Sweeden this weekend and had two successfull matings with the wonderful Himbi's Flatter 

Now we hope for many healthy puppies in the start of february 2020

Imbriani's Akira is in heat!


Akira has come into heat so that makes a small change in my breeding plans making the tervueren litter the first litter in 2020

Approved Caracter test


Arkin & Aragorn has passed the caracter test with great results

Arya got her NKK CAC at Lillehammer


Arya was my only dog entered at this years NKK Lillehammer and I am soooo happy with her result.

CasaBolstad's Arya

- Exc jc, CQ, best junior female, 2nd best femal with CAC

This means she now has all the CACs she needs for her norwegian champion, 
but since she is not 2 years old she will need one small CAC for her championship after turning 2 years.


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